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Hi everyone.. June 27, 2009

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I’m Janie.. and of course.. I’m new to blogging..

Also.. just got my bachelor in Economics IT.. and being so passionate about IT.. I decided to write.. of course.. about IT šŸ™‚

See you soon..


4 Responses to “Hi everyone..”

  1. Luciana.P Says:

    Hi!I’m glad you’re decided to write about IT because i’m not planning to contradict you ’cause I’m too young and I don’t have plenny arguments. But I liked the kind of things you wrote about…Good Luck

  2. Mr.Q Says:

    Hi, Janie.
    I’m Q, admin
    Very interesting to make new friend with you.
    My Y!M is: quantalon89

    Pm me to chat.

    New friend.


  3. Nice that you have penchant for IT sector,hope you grow up to pro blogger. Do you know BitDefender Total Security 2009 has 210 days of free promo offer. Vist my blog at all about security blogs.

    • janiesmiling Says:

      saw your blog.. interesting.. all promotions in one place ;)..
      also.. do check bitdefender 2010.. you might like it.. it’s quite an improvement over the 2009.. speed and functionality.. cause the modules remained the same šŸ™‚

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