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A new way to communicate.. June 28, 2009

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Some time ago..  I found something amazing on the web: Google WAVE. I was.. wow. Stunned.

Stupid, but at first I just thought it was the new and improved Yahoo Messenger (haha).

Made public for the first time on 27th May 2009 during the Google I/O.. and it has already caught the public’s eye.

Well.. after watching the presentation video..  I came to my senses 😉  It’s not just another YM.. it’s a whole communication platform. You have it all.. messenger.. e-mail.. file sharing just by drag&drop intro the window.. Why is it different from other applications? If you and your friend are talking.. you can invite other to join your conversation. And the third friend (for example) will not be wondering what you’ve been talking about, because he has acces to the conversation history (yupiiii) Also, if your friend is offline, you can send him an e-mail. And he can reply.. but not to the whole e-mail, but to a specific part.

And what I find most appealing.. You can see what your friend is typing! Instead of the standard message – “X is typing a message” you can see the actual words :p Thus.. you must think twice before writing anything..

I’m eagerly waiting for the official lauch.. If you want to take a look.. check this out:


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