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Nokia fan July 5, 2009

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My first phone was a Nokia 3310.. good phone.. My dad used it for two years, I used it for another two and then it was my sister’s turn to use it 🙂 Let’s call it “family business”..

In high school, things changed. I got myself a nokia 6230. I was so excited: music.. radio.. colours.. I had it for some time, changed the battery twice (the phone couldn’t function more than two days.. ?!!)

But then I discovered the Symbian smartphone nokia 6120c. High price, but it was worth every penny. The thing I love the most about this phone is that I can visualize word, excel, power point documents and even pdfs. When I don’t have time to read something at home, bluetooth.. quick transfer.. and then easy access to everything.

Now I want something new.. with qwerty keyboard, easy access to internet (wifi option of course). At first, I was thinking of Nokia N71, but it’s a little bit too business for me. And then I read a Nokia N97 review and said that this is the phone for me.


  1. it’s Nokia.. and it’s new;
  2. good camera.. or at least better than what I have right now;
  3. wifi;
  4. gps and geo-tagging feature – which I find the most appealing;
  5. big screen;
  6. lots of memory (32GB internal!!!! + data cards);
  7. phone.. smartphone.. pocket computer.. all you need.

One downside.. it’s pricey! too expensive.. but for sure.. I’ll ask it as a present for my birthday 😀

I’ll get back with details..


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