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New communication tool.. from Google July 9, 2009

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I’m a Google fan.. I have a Gmail adress, I use Gtalk, Google translate..  and now I’m thinkig of switching to Google Voice.

Google Voice is the new GrandCentral, relaunched this march. You get one Google phone number to use for all you phones: cell, home or office using Voice over internet protocol to link them together. This new version even has voice mail and voice mail transcripts, sms managing, call screening and call conferencing. It sounds better than a cell phone 😉

For more info and a presentation video see Google Voice.


2 Responses to “New communication tool.. from Google”

  1. somebody Says:

    Google Voice is not available in your country.. so you have to wait a few years before switching.

    • janiesmiling Says:

      ok.. no problem.. i’ll wait until it does.. it’s worth waiting for good things. no hurry..

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