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Easy reading. Google Reader. July 11, 2009

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Haven’t you found yourself searching for useful information through 1000 different pages without any luck? Well.. nowadays Google Reader makes reading easier! This tool provides access to updated news and information available from previously added sites.

One can subscribe to his favourite sites through his Google account. Once subscribed, the list of articles will apear in Google Reader. You can also save and manage articles. This feature can even be used instead of bookmarking. Another interesting thing is that you can share all links and feeds with friends.

Google Reader makes you more efficient and also helps you gather actual information from the web :p


2 Responses to “Easy reading. Google Reader.”

  1. nice tool. sound great. i’ll try to use it to and come back here with a reply

  2. Afrodaesia Says:

    Can you please share more about this Google Reader. Never heard of it before!It would be extremely helpful for me if you post some screen-shoots showing how you can use this tool. Is it free?

    I don’t have a gmail account and I am curious to see if it’s worth to create one. This feature seems to be interesting and I want to learn more about it!

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