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why social networking is not the best option!! August 10, 2009

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everyone knows that Twitter faced a “denial-of-service” attack last Thursday.. more exactly.. computers infected with malware floded twitter’s servers.. and they crashed.. (why don’t people learn their lesson and install an antivirus!!??!!!)
what were the consequences? well.. everyone that lives their life depending on social networking felt lost.. lost in translation.. (do you remember that movie?)
do you think that’s good? i don’t! one should not depend on so untouchable things..
that’s why i only use my facebook account from time to time.. and i rarely post on twitter 😉
what happened to the old fashion “writing a letter”? i should answer that myself.. it takes to much time!!
and of course.. we live our lives on fast-forward! why? because if we do otherwise.. we’ll be lost too..
stupid paradox!


2 Responses to “why social networking is not the best option!!”

  1. vlad Says:

    I don’t think the untouchable things you talk about are so untouchable. Even WE can make them, but…
    There was a song about internet bubbles (including social bubbles) \:D/
    I agree that one shouldn’t depend on stuff like that, but yet how many users think outside of the box?
    They logon to facebook, they are happy; facebook is down, they go crazy, and so on until twitter; then again and again.

    • janiesmiling Says:

      nice video..
      it’s our fault!! we don’t apreciate good, reliable things anymore.. snifff..

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