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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 – worse case scenario July 3, 2009

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My friend Andrew is a very interesting person. He’s always been good at technical things.. and has a passion for electronics and taking things apart 😉

Well.. one day Andrew decided he wants a better phone ( had a nokia6700 – good, reliable phone).. but he decided he can do better..

Got the money.. and bought a brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Cool smartphone! It had everything to meet a boy’s dreams: multimedia features, GPS, camera.. qwerty keyboard (a lil’ bit too heavy for a girl’s style.. but still fancy) 🙂

One bright morning the wonderful Xperia phone dropped dead. It wouldn’t work.. it wouldn’t display anything.. So my dear friend reset the phone, took it apart piece by piece, tampered a little with the electronics.. And still the phone wouldn’t function as it was supposed to 😦

And after one day’s work.. he discovered that not Xperia had a problem.. but the SIM was dead 🙂

And so.. it took another hard day’s work to reinstall everything 😀

Lesson to learn: keep it simple!