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Details for BlackBerry Thunder July 19, 2009

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well.. here’s a follow up to a previous post on the new Thunder. This BlackBerry Storm 9530 – also known as Thunder  is said to be a great multimedia device. 

Here you can see a  comparison between BlackBerry and iPhone.

Also I found this nice review.. maybe you find it interesting.

Enjoy your reading 😉


Blackberry Thunder. Thunder and lightning July 15, 2009

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My boyfriend is a BlackBerry fan.. he changed 3 models.. and now he’s using BlackBerry Bold.
For some time.. I wanted to have a BB.. just for the wifi.. and internal IM.. But I think they look too heavy.. and bold.. and mannish.. And I’m still a Nokia fan.
Yet.. this new BlackBerry Thunder looks great. And I bet it feels great too. Can’t wait for my bf to turn to this one 😉
Here are some details I found about the new BB:
* Tactile Response – when you press on the Thunder’s screen, it pushes in “just” a little bit (the whole screen is sort of like a big button) and you get immediate “real” feedback – you hear an audible clickety sound, and can feel a buzz in your finger where you actually pressed on the display.
* Full QWERTY and SureType entry – hold the phone in landscape mode and you can take advantage of a full-qwerty keypad. Use the phone in portrait mode and you can enter data on a SureType keyboard. You will be able to choose/change your screen/keyboard orientation at anytime.
* Screen is made of glass and will feature multi-touch – the Thunder is said to be utilizing WebKit for it’s browser engine (same as the iPhone), so hopefully that means a solid web browsing experience for the Thunder.
Maybe it will even beat the iPhone!! who knows..


Easy reading. Google Reader. July 11, 2009

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Haven’t you found yourself searching for useful information through 1000 different pages without any luck? Well.. nowadays Google Reader makes reading easier! This tool provides access to updated news and information available from previously added sites.

One can subscribe to his favourite sites through his Google account. Once subscribed, the list of articles will apear in Google Reader. You can also save and manage articles. This feature can even be used instead of bookmarking. Another interesting thing is that you can share all links and feeds with friends.

Google Reader makes you more efficient and also helps you gather actual information from the web :p


New communication tool.. from Google July 9, 2009

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I’m a Google fan.. I have a Gmail adress, I use Gtalk, Google translate..  and now I’m thinkig of switching to Google Voice.

Google Voice is the new GrandCentral, relaunched this march. You get one Google phone number to use for all you phones: cell, home or office using Voice over internet protocol to link them together. This new version even has voice mail and voice mail transcripts, sms managing, call screening and call conferencing. It sounds better than a cell phone 😉

For more info and a presentation video see Google Voice.


Trade Internet Explorer for Firefox July 7, 2009

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I’ve been using IE all my life.. until I stumbled upon Firefox.

That’s when I made the switch. Firefox loads quicker, the interface is simpler and easier to use, and I just adore tabbed browsing 😉  IE 8 has it too, but I find it more appealing in Firefox. People even say that Firefox is safer than IE.. It might be, I haven’t tested this yet.

The newest version of Firefox is 3.5. I downloaded it a few nights ago.. To read mode about it, please visit

Enjoy 🙂


Nokia fan July 5, 2009

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My first phone was a Nokia 3310.. good phone.. My dad used it for two years, I used it for another two and then it was my sister’s turn to use it 🙂 Let’s call it “family business”..

In high school, things changed. I got myself a nokia 6230. I was so excited: music.. radio.. colours.. I had it for some time, changed the battery twice (the phone couldn’t function more than two days.. ?!!)

But then I discovered the Symbian smartphone nokia 6120c. High price, but it was worth every penny. The thing I love the most about this phone is that I can visualize word, excel, power point documents and even pdfs. When I don’t have time to read something at home, bluetooth.. quick transfer.. and then easy access to everything.

Now I want something new.. with qwerty keyboard, easy access to internet (wifi option of course). At first, I was thinking of Nokia N71, but it’s a little bit too business for me. And then I read a Nokia N97 review and said that this is the phone for me.


  1. it’s Nokia.. and it’s new;
  2. good camera.. or at least better than what I have right now;
  3. wifi;
  4. gps and geo-tagging feature – which I find the most appealing;
  5. big screen;
  6. lots of memory (32GB internal!!!! + data cards);
  7. phone.. smartphone.. pocket computer.. all you need.

One downside.. it’s pricey! too expensive.. but for sure.. I’ll ask it as a present for my birthday 😀

I’ll get back with details..


Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 – worse case scenario July 3, 2009

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My friend Andrew is a very interesting person. He’s always been good at technical things.. and has a passion for electronics and taking things apart 😉

Well.. one day Andrew decided he wants a better phone ( had a nokia6700 – good, reliable phone).. but he decided he can do better..

Got the money.. and bought a brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Cool smartphone! It had everything to meet a boy’s dreams: multimedia features, GPS, camera.. qwerty keyboard (a lil’ bit too heavy for a girl’s style.. but still fancy) 🙂

One bright morning the wonderful Xperia phone dropped dead. It wouldn’t work.. it wouldn’t display anything.. So my dear friend reset the phone, took it apart piece by piece, tampered a little with the electronics.. And still the phone wouldn’t function as it was supposed to 😦

And after one day’s work.. he discovered that not Xperia had a problem.. but the SIM was dead 🙂

And so.. it took another hard day’s work to reinstall everything 😀

Lesson to learn: keep it simple!