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Cybercriminals can be smart. Good thing we’re smarter. August 17, 2009

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well.. this is BitDefender’s new motto.. Like it?
maximum protection and usability


Today.. BitDefender 2010 version was officially launched simultaneously in 6 corners of the world 🙂

This version comes with a lot of changes and improvements in usability, design, a new e-commerce provider, on others.. For more details.. you can check out the press release.

Personally.. I really like the new interface.. It’s blueish.. and they finally got rid of all that gray 🙂 And about all its improvements.. only time will tell just how good they are.. And of course.. independent tests 😛

But I don’t doubt it.. 2009 products were very good.. 2010 will be just as good.. and with a twist.. of lemon 😉

Let me kno how you feel about it..